The PMRP Group

We live in a new era surrounded by amazing technology at our fingertips. When we need access to information, we just “Google it” and poof, there are thousands of entries providing us the details. Want to know about the best restaurants in New York – poof! Curious about where to stay while in Italy – poof! Need to know the origins of the Great Pyramid of Giza – poof!

More and more, access to information is getting easier and the type of information available – well, it makes your head spin. Soon, our cars will drive themselves… But with every great advancement comes challenges and, unfortunately, new opportunities for the “bad guys” to wreak havoc. The internet has become their playground and cyberattacks, identity fraud and Ransomware are now an everyday occurrence.

Want to know how many people in the US were victims of identity fraud in 2017? Over 16.7 million Americans were affected and the amount the cyber criminals stole was an estimated $16.8b. Another startling fact; when a small business suffers a cyberattack, 60% of them close their doors within 6 months! We are an economy that survives on the health of our small businesses – 49.2 percent of our nation’s private sector workforce is employed by small businesses.

The PMRP Group was founded on the desire to help businesses navigate the rough waters of today’s cyber threats, implement procedures and approaches that takes them beyond the minimum for compliance, protect their employees and customers from identity theft, provide them with prevention tool kits that can reduce data breaches, and be there when a data breach occurs. No one can prevent a data breach but companies can take significant steps to reduce their costs, migrate their risk, and even find ways to promote their strong data security position to both employees and customers.

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